John Lautner's Pearlman Cabin in Idyllwild

The Pearlman Cabin is an alluring and inspiring vacation retreat. The design is a masterwork in Architecture. Architect John Lautner brings you closer to Nature in the serene setting of Idyllwild nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains. The area is approximately 5500 feet in elevation and the landscape is dominated by granite outcroppings and tall pine and cedar trees.

Cabins provide basic shelter in isolated areas throughout the world. They are in essence a way of bringing us closer to our natural environment and the infinite beauty it beholds. No cabin brings you closer to the natural environment than the Pearlman Cabin.

The location for the cabin was chosen by Mrs. Carl K. Pearlman who was active with the nearby Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. The specific site which was considered unbuildable by many, but was ideal for the problem solving design talents of the Architect John Lautner. Mrs. Pearlman was an excellent pianist and Dr. Pearlman an amateur violinist so the cabin was designed to be good for acoustics since the family enjoyed having musicians visit.

Lautner’s big idea for the design of the 1957 cabin in Idyllwild was to provide comfort and shelter while opening the interior space to the outside and eliminating the boundaries between. Lautner achieved this feat by brilliantly using rough unmilled logs as the structural support along the exterior edge of the panoramic view. To enclose the spectacular living room space the glass was embedded into the logs. The locations of the supporting log members are staggered in distance from the center of the room along the edge that serves two purposes: one it prevents excessive glare off the glass to the observer in the room, and two it eliminates the boundary of the edge of the room as the trees meld into fo­­­­rest beyond.­­­­­ The cabin is on a downhill slope and the main living space hovers above the earth positioning the view out amongst the trees.

To learn more information about the cabin and to schedule, a tour contact Nancy Pearlman’s website:


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